Sullivan ford case

You may be depending on recommendations and unsure of the quality of the service. The customer would be called later in the morning with an estimate. She has the academic background for this as well as her medical and family business experience.

Sullivan Ford Case

However, survey results suggest Sullivan is not getting repeats. Service will be delivered and payment made. This is fine but the service hours are inconvenient along with the scheduling so the whole process is a trauma for the customer.

Here they should find out about the scheduling, how long the service will take, the price, does the warranty cover it, etc. The front-end is modern and well maintained while the back-end area is the exact opposite.

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If the customer is unhappy with the delays, etc outlined earlier, that too will affect the experience quality. Customers relay the problems on their vehicles to the service writers.

It was shabby and greasy. An alternative will be to service the car at home or get a friend who is skilled to do this that they trust. This would be important in an area where the customer is unfamiliar with actual service. Another difference of marketing a car from marketing a service is that, the latter cannot be inventoried, which may cause customers to wait or not to avail the service anymore.

Advice On Marketing Mix Carol has a background that could be very useful in dealing with this.

Sullivan Ford Case Study

There does not seem to be an atmosphere of making the customer satisfied. There are few concern a service department should look upon: It is on an intersection of a busy urban highway, with many new developments near by. They should also launch promotional activities for the service department to help drive service sales up — since the service department is not operating at capacity.

This is where the expertise lies and therefore consultation should have followed. Price — In this case study we are not told that the price is affecting the number of customers that avail of it.

With the car service, the customer is not really involved except to deliver the car for appointment as car service is specialised and the customer will not be present when the service is being carried out.

It was shabby and greasy. She must computerise it immediately. 1.) How does marketing cars differ from marketing service for those same vehicles?

Marketing cars is different from the manner of marketing services%(11). Introduction This case details the position of Carol Sullivan-Diaz, the year-old daughter of Walter Sullivan who died at the age of Walter had bought a Ford dealership in that eventually grew into what is now Sullivan Ford Auto World.

Case Sullivan Ford Auto World - Marketing Services. Case Background/Summary A. The Company olivierlile.comd by Walter Sullivan in The current site of operations is located at a busy urban highway intersection.

Extensive. BA Services Marketing Group 7: Case Solution ~ Sullivan Ford Auto World Feb 21 Case Background Walter Sullivan the 5/5(1). I.

Sullivan Ford Case Study

Summary of the Case Walter Sullivan had purchased a small Ford dealership inrenaming it Sullivan’s Auto World and had built it up to become one of the best known in the Metropolitan area. Case Analysis of Sullivan Auto World 1. Case Analysis 2. Company Facts • • • • • Purchased a Ford dealership in Sullivan’s Auto World Sullivan’s Ford Auto World Walter “Walt” Sullivan Sales (Front-end) & Service (Back-end) Departments.

Sullivan ford case
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