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In these cases, we can put the report s in a secure place online for download. This is an approach which has been successfully used by the mystics of all cultures—and it can, indeed, result in ecstatic experiences of great power and meaning. He tells us that he began thinking about his life and that which was greater than his life, as yet undiscovered, the lack of which was the source of his despair.

The sense that one more such experience would lead to a permanent unification was even stronger in him. He may even experience guilt at not knowing what to do. The problem of symbolic interpretation is important because symbols can also carry different meanings at different levels of reality without their coming into conflict or being mutually exclusive Assagioli,p.

This unification is a culmination of the process of Self-realization—a process which began with the reorientation of the personality toward the superconscious. Otherwise we may fall into a crisis of reorientation, one which will eventually lead us to the missing dimension, but often at the cost of much time, effort and pain.

Just as there are an infinite number of ways to use electricity, so, too, there are an infinite number of ways of tapping into, and making use of the diverse energies, abilities, and potentials of the unconscious mind.

Many of the greatest mystics agree that experiences that reach a certain level—that of the Transpersonal Self—are suprarational, above the level of the mind, and therefore impossible to communicate in words or even to conceptualize correctly.

The question of consciousness is similar to this. What does it mean. Many people, when they have attained their personal or career goals, find that the satisfaction, the value, the meaning of these goals is less than they expected, and so eventually abandon them.

The directors returned to the AWS with energy and enthusiasm to effect important changes in their departments.

Fifth, Mandalas can help us see the larger cycles that operate in our life as we sit to make them regularly, then review a series of drawings that have emerged over time.

Some people who pursue the path of pure transcendence can be, temporarily, more successful than the young man we have just described. It was important for these men and women to expand their field of awareness beyond a crisis and coping orientation, renew their energies, and find new directions toward which to move.

Logically he should be happy. There is a feeling of lightness. The client is unquestionably more than her difficulties and issues. What do we aim for.

Symbolic identification helps us respond to the guidance of the Higher Self. Synthesis an organic process by which we evolve into fulfillment of our inherent potentials. This is an important step because it reveals aspects of an issue or problem of which we are seldom aware:.

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Psychosynthesis Counselling in Action

Institute of Psychosynthesis, Polonicum, RADTAC, Skills Matter, University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika, University of Cape. Roberto Assagioli (February 27, - August 23, ) was an influential Italian psychiatrist, the founder of the psychological movement known as Psychosynthesis.

He was the first psychiatrist to integrate elements of what are often considered religious and spiritual concepts into modern psychology. Stories of Healing, by Robert A.


Anderson A family doctor’s journal. Reviewed in Pychosynthesis Quarterly, March Growing Whole, by Molly Young Brown Self-Realization for the Great Turning. Mt Shasta, CA: Psychosynthesis Press.

Roberto Assagioli

Therapists Therapist levels of training. Level 1: “Externship” – therapists will have completed a 4 day training externship where they have learned the principles and theory behind EFT.

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Rob brown psychosynthesis
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